January 1, 2019


As Region I has officially come to a close remember this is a new beginning, not an end. As volunteers all the good each of your chapters do make the long hours’ worth it. If it wasn't for what you do, we wouldn't do what we do. You inspire us to continue to serve and give back each and every day. I hope we've done what you needed from us and that we have served you well. We may become two, but always remember we are still brothers and family.

Thank you again for all that you do. It has been my privilege and honor to serve as your last Region I Chair.

This is Region I, Signing Off.

May we always stand united regardless of Region name.

True to Alpha Phi Omega, may we always be.


Eric Strickland

Region I Chair 

Upcoming Events

Region I Calendar

August 2018

  • August 24 – 26, Region 1 Staff Retreat “Thingamajig”, Camp Resolute, Bolton, MA

September 2018

  • September 21 – 23, APOlachian Trail National Service Project

October 2018

  • October 20, Section 97 Section Education Leadership Day (SLED) at St. John’s University: Queens, NY

  • October 28, APO LEADS Day at Rutgers: New Brunswick

November 2018

  • November 3, Section 94 Leadership Day at University of New Hampshire

  • November 4, Section 96 Leadership Day

  • November 10, Section 101 & 102 Sectional Conference at Montclair State University (Board Game Themed)

  • November 17, Section 95 Leadership Day

December 2018

  • December 27 – 30, National Convention in Austin, TX

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Alpha Phi Omega is the national, co-educational, service fraternity that sets the standard for campus-based volunteerism. For three-quarters of a century, Alpha Phi Omega has made a positive difference in the lives of college men and women and has helped to improve the quality of life for individuals in need. Nearly 300,000 students have been initiated into Alpha Phi Omega since our founding on December 16, 1925, and our current Membership exceeds 17,000 students at approximately 350 colleges and universities. If you would like to learn more about the organization itself, please visit our National Organization's Website.