Good evening brothers and friends! Welcome to another edition of #MembershipMonday!

Before we begin, we just want to say how awesome it was for members of the squad to spend time with the brothers of Section 94! Always great to see you!

Tonight we're going to chat about something that came up during a chat we had over the weekend: investment.

Investment? What do you mean, you're probably asking yourselves. We mean how do we nurture our newest family members while they learn about APO so they remain invested in staying active after they cross? How do we get those brothers who had to take a step back to remain invested in APO when they're ready to return? How do we keep those who want to join our family but couldn't do so right now to stay invested so that when the time is right for them, they will?

It basically boils down to two intertwined thoughts. One is the tried and true adage that Recruitment is a 24/7/365 endeavor. The other, is simply communication.

Recruitment really is something that happens all the time, and it doesn't stop after the induction ceremony. The things you do to bring in new brothers are the things you should be doing for each other after. It's important to constantly plan and execute activities that energize and engage us in LFS and want us to keep coming back for more. This is also important for those who could not join us right now. It's ok to invite them to events that are open to everyone. It's ok to invite them to conferences. We welcome them to join us!

Communication is also key. Brothers have to step away for a number of reasons. It's unfortunate but sometimes necessary (because their health, school, job, etc have to take priority of course). It's imperative that they aren't made to feel left behind or forgotten. Their brotherhood does not cease because they went associate/inactive. Make sure they stay on the email list and invite them to events, pinnings, conference, etc. They should have access to whatever they can attend. Consider the creation of a newsletter and include them in meeting minutes distribution. You can also send a newsletter to those interested in pledging in the future.

With that, another MM is in the books. Members of YOUR membership squad will be visiting Section 101/102 for the Omega Diner fellowship this Friday night and Section 97 for its SLED this Saturday! Feel free to say hi!

Questions or comments? Want to see a specific topic in the future? Email us at

As always, be excellent to each other.

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad