Happy Monday everyone! #MembershipMonday is here again!

It was great to spend time with the bros at Section 95's LD Day this past weekend! Thanks for hosting MIT!

Tonight let's chat about membership policies.

Membership policies are an important part of how we govern ourselves within our chapters. They lay the groundwork for what we need to do to keep our brotherhood active.

A good set of policies should include something on risk management, what is required to be an active member, which major chapter events are mandatory, etc. Service, fellowship leadership, pledge/new member events should all be included within these policies.

Funny thing is, one chapter's membership policy might be completely different from another's. Not every chapter is exactly the same and thus policies should not be exactly the same. While it's great to look to other chapters for inspiration, you don't have to copy what another chapter does verbatim.

Crafting your policies will take time to do it properly. Do your due diligence and take note of what your school requires and prohibits, and incorporate accordingly. Make sure that requirements are reasonable, manageable and attainable by the brothers. Don't forget to include alternatives if brothers want to participate but maybe cannot be fully active.

Most importantly, review your bylaws at least once per year to ensure that they are still relevant and work for your chapter. Amend them as needed, especially if your chapter size changes for any reason (a chapter of 100 cannot necessarily run on policies written for a chapter of 20).

And another post is in the books.

As always, be excellent to each other.

Next week's topic is up to you! What would YOU like to see?

If you would like more information on this or anything membership related, feel free to email us at membership@apor1.org. In the meantime, members of the squad will be at the Section 101/102 Conference this Saturday! Come say hi!

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad