Good evening everyone! Welcome to #MembershipMonday!

It was lovely to see the bros at the Section 101/102 Conference this past weekend. Kudos to the Alpha Eta Omicron chapter at Stockton for hosting!

Tonight we're going to talk about what we in the squad have dubbed "chapter care". This is different from self care (which we covered a few weeks back ahead of National Service Week, see our post below) in that the focus is on brother bonding and fellowship.

The semester in itself is coming to a crescendo of papers and exams and Thanksgiving break and then Regionals (soon, very soon...). It's easy for the chapter to get lost in the shuffle of all of those things.

So we have a few suggestions to help you as a chapter power through these next few weeks.

Have more fellowships for a little while! Do something fun each week to help reduce stress in the group. Even something simple like coloring or just hanging out over some food is a good thing. You don't have to meet up only for projects or meetings.

If school (which is one of the Top 3 as we mentioned previously) is figuratively eating your life as a chapter-it happens!-then have study sessions! They count as service to the fraternity in that you can't care for others if you can't care for yourselves first.

Have a moment each meeting to go over things that are going well or are positive that happened during the week in between. Show some love and support to one another and revel in the good things!

And don't forget to utilize your resources and ask for help if you need!

Most importantly, be excellent to each other.

What do your chapters do to take on chapter care? Post in the comments below! Also, make sure you take part in National Service Week and report your amazing projects accordingly so you stay in good standing!

Don't forget that as always you can reach us at Send us your questions or comments! The more feedback the better emoticon-smile

Planning to attend the Section 96 LD Day this weekend? Members of the squad will be there! Say hi and looking forward to seeing you there!

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad