Hello everyone! A very happy #MembershipMonday to you!

It's that time of the semester: recruitment! As I write this post, you and your chapter brothers are already preparing to welcome and introduce to APO those looking to be the newest members of our family. How are you sharing the awesomeness of APO with them? What kinds of activities are you planning to do? Which service projects did you choose to entice your classmates to think about joining us? Do you have a theme for your recruitment?

Comment below and share your creative ideas with your brothers! Or are you still brainstorming? That's ok! Take a peek at what is shared in the comments below and/or reach out to the brothers tagged in this post and me. We're your Region Membership Squad and we're at your service!

ALSO, coming up tomorrow at 9pm there's an amazing webinar on Interchapter Relations via APO IMPACT. You can register for it here (not to mention reach out to Katie Lynn Carolan for more info on how to strengthen those bonds of fellowship across your chapters):


I hope you can make it! It's going to be a good time.

Thank you bros and for those of you who already started, good luck with your recruitment! Can't wait to meet your potential new members!

In LFS, Lil