Good evening everyone and welcome to the first #MembershipMonday of the spring 2018 semester!

If you have not heard by now, our home at Lafayette is rechartered! Our Alpha chapter has returned in glorious fashion, thanks to the dedication and hard work of dozens of students on the campus and the staff who guided them along the way. They are very excited to be a part of our family, and we are sure you are just as excited to have them and to eventually meet them in Austin this December (if not sooner)!

Those of us in attendance that day were also given the opportunity to view a portion of the APO archives. Many thanks to our newest National Honorary Brother Pam for allowing us that small glimpse into our history.

The pictures below are from that joyous occasion, but they also reflect a piece of what this series will cover in the weeks to come. We will discuss the transition that takes place after pledges cross to brotherhood, preserving chapter history, developing chapter traditions, and so much more.

Good luck to those of you currently in or about to begin your recruitment! Please share your themes, events and pictures in the comments below.

And of course, if you have any questions, comments, or have a specific topic in mind you would like to see here sometime, let us know! You can reach us at

As always, be excellent to each other.

We look forward to seeing you all during the semester!

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad