Hello Brothers,

Today's #MembershipMonday goes out to our newest brothers of Alpha Phi Omega. Yes, for all of you who pledged last semester, this is for you.

As the new semester gets underway, you all may feel excited that you are finally a brother and have made it through all the tough times while thinking that it's smooth sailing from here on out. But as you begin your brotherhood experience, new responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Your chapter is run by its brothers and no one else. You and your fellow pledge-mates now take on the responsibilities of becoming an integral part of your chapter’s operations. Participation in events continue, but now you have new meetings, voting, legislation to deal with, and new opportunities for E-board positions. This may seem like a lot to take in and, for some, may be a bit intimidating. But fret not, there is nothing to fear. Just like so many older brothers before you, you too shall make it through.

In addition to these new tasks and responsibilities, there is one other opportunity that is now presenting itself. With new people entering the pledge process, you (a recent initiated brother) are the closest link in your chapter who remembers what it took to get to where you are now. Your struggles, challenges, achievements, and all lessons learned are still fresh in your head. These dos and don’ts of the road are the kinds of lessons you wished you would have known ahead of time. Pass this wisdom along to the new pledges so that they will be ever more prepared for their journey ahead. By telling your stories and teaching the newest pledges of your recent experiences, you may provide enough inspiration or guidance to the right brother having a hard time through his or her process, you may help a pledge who is on the fence and losing steam, and maybe, just maybe, you will leave a lasting impression on someone for years to come.

As always, be excellent to each other.

Don't forget that you can reach us at membership@apor1.org.

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad