Good evening! Time for another installment of #MembershipMonday! Tonight we're going to chat about a topic requested by our Region Chair, Eric: Pledge Class Namesakes.

What is a Pledge Class Namesake you ask?

Well, it's an honor bestowed upon a brother who exemplifies Leadership, Friendship, and Service. You see this every fall with the National Pledge Class Namesake. The brother who receives this honor made and/or continues to make a significant impact within or outside the Fraternity. Some previous National Pledge Class Namesakes you might know of include Phyllis "Mrs. T" Tenney, former NJ Gov. Thomas Kean, and Bob Hilliard. He or she is nominated by fellow brothers (an email asking for this year's nominations was sent out last week) and is selected by a special committee. The Namesake usually issues a fun challenge to the pledges in order to encourage and motivate them during the process.

Now in the spring semester (or also in conjunction with the fall at some chapters), chapters have the option to similarly honor a brother of their choosing. The nomination criteria is most times akin to the National Pledge Class Namesake and voted on/chosen in whichever way the chapter sees fit. While the National Namsake is chosen within a very specific timeframe, the local Namesake can be chosen during the process at any time. It's preferable to choose someone within the first half of the process (the sooner the better) so that there's enough time for the pledges to get to know the Namesake and vice versa. Anyone can be considered for a Spring Pledge Class Namesake, and it's a great way to honor someone who might have made an impact in/to the chapter but might not have met criteria for a Chapter Distinguished Service Key (or if they already have one). Some of the things chapters who do this consider are:

1. The person has made a significant, positive impact on the chapter in some way.

2. The person is considered a role model to the chapter in some way.

3. The person exemplifies our cardinal principles as stated before.

4. Most times the honoree is an alumnus/a of the chapter but it's not required. Sometimes it can be an active brother (although that can be somewhat rare) or someone completely outside the chapter.

Does your chapter have a Spring Pledge Class Namesake each year? What are some of the criteria your chapter utilizes to determine who should receive the honor? Please feel free to share in the comments below! And don't forget the upcoming APO IMPACT webinar "Bigs, Littles and Families, Oh My!" is coming up next week!

Questions? We're here to help! Contact your local Membership Coordinator (tagged here for your convenience!) or me! You can reach us at Until next week!

In LFS, YOUR region membership squad