Good evening brothers! Time for our next installment of #membershipmonday!

Tonight we're going to talk about the pledge/new member (referred from this point on as PNMs) process. Each semester the educators have the arduous task of developing a program that will properly educate and engage the PNMs, to prepare them for brotherhood. Whatever they lay out must be approved by the chapter before implementation, so a lot of thought and care must be taken.

But what kinds of information and activities should be included? Well, for starters, let's look to the checklist for the National Pledge Program of Excellence award. Why mention this? Because the PPOE's requirements feature things you should be doing to achieve the goal mentioned above.

1. They should know our history, both nationally and within your chapter. When and where were we founded? Who is our founder? When was your chapter founded?

2. They should have a mentor to guide them along the way. Many chapters have a big brother/little brother program or another kind of mentor to help them through the process.

3. They should start learning by leading. Your chapter can have them take on leadership positions in the PNM class, or they can dive right into committees to learn chapter structure. Build it the way that can work best for your chapter to function and for them to learn.

4. Take care with the ritual ceremonies you perform. Check your kits regularly so that you have everything that's needed. Make sure they each have a pin! And wear your service pins as well.

5. Check your program length. It should be 6-10 weeks unless your school says otherwise. [yes, if the school requires you to have a shorter program, that's ok!]

6. Review what you require your PNMs to do for service and fellowship. Service hours should be equal to what active brothers are required to do (again, unless your school says otherwise). They should also plan and execute a service project. It'll be great practice for after they are initiated.

7. Have the PNMs attend chapter meetings! How else can they get to know how the chapter operates and get to see everyone in action otherwise? They of course should be meeting separately.

8. Encourage interchapter relations! The best way for your PNMs to truly see the breadth and scope of our awesome family is to do things with other chapters. Encourage them to go to leadership events and conferences. Let them see for themselves how wonderful APO is. Cool

There's additional information on the PPOE requirements in the Same Page. You can find it in Officer Portal under Documents.

Already started your process? Comment below if you want to share any awesome news about your PNMs or pictures from their induction! Keep being awesome and see you around this semester!

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 membership squad