Good evening everyone! #MembershipMonday is upon us yet again!

YOUR membership squad is so proud of all the wonderful rush events and the advertising you shared last week. You guys are bringing it this semester! Keep it up!

This week we're continuing the recruitment chat with elevator speeches. Recruiting is something we do 24/7/365; every day is a new opportunity to share APO with others. So how do we do that when we only have 15-30 seconds to get our message across? Here are a few tips to help you talk up APO when time is short:

-Be calm, natural and honest. Talk about the parts of APO that are special to you. Personalize it. Keep a mental list of different points you want to cover.

-Show your passion in your expressions. Actions speak louder than words, but when your words have no life to them, how will an interested person know that you're truly in love with what you do? Smile, speak positively, and with confidence. This shows your passion and dedication, and surely will get others to want to feel that same exhilarating feeling.

-While you don't have to stick to a script, you can practice approaching others if you're a little shy. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from your bros.

-Give examples of what you've done in the chapter recently. Held a big project? Talk about it. Is the person you're speaking with in another organization? Chat about how you can help each other out. Again, look to those things that you love about APO.

-Have a business card handy, especially if you have a regularly updated chapter website. If your time is cut short, you can ask them to contact you/your rush chair/other designated brother or direct them to your website for more information.

-Take advantage of any opportunity to strike up a conversation. You never know when or where you'll meet your future brothers.

What's your best APO elevator story? Share it below! Also, if there's something you want to see covered in our membership monday posts, by all means give us a shout! You can reach us at

Have a great week!

LFS, YOUR membership squad