Good evening everyone! Welcome to *dramatic pause*... #MembershipMonday!

It was lovely to see those of you who attended the NJ Omega Diner fellowship this past Friday.

Tonight we're going to talk about the opportunities APO offers to help your chapters with membership.

First up is the Build a New Chapter (BANC) grant. This grant offered by the fraternity is available to recognized interest and petitioning groups, not to mention chapters that are "at risk". It provides up to $500 for development and recruitment events. You can find more information and the application itself in Officer Portal under Forms.

Next are Membership Academy & Membership University. Similar to SERVE in that they are each a weekend-long seminar, these courses focus entirely on all things membership. Discussions of recruitment, retention, rituals, bonding, and more are what is in store for attendees. The cost is $40 and covers your hotel and most of your food for the weekend. We are lucky enough in Region 1 to have BOTH of these courses offered in our region this summer! They will be offered in Newark, NJ (in the same hotel as SERVE was a few weeks ago!) from June 2nd to 4th. The link to register is below.

Another resource we want to mention are the amazing Chapter Consultants at the National Office. These brothers travel around the country, working with and learning from different chapters and extension efforts as they assist with helping chapters work through different challenges. Maybe you'll get to meet them some day (at National Convention for sure!).

Obviously we can't talk about resources without a small plug for your Squad! We are at your service and can help you with any membership questions you have.

What other resources do you use in your chapters? Comment below and share your thoughts!

And that wraps up another week! For those of you on spring break, have fun! For those of you prepping for the impending storm, may it not be as bad as it was in northern NJ.

Don't forget to be excellent to each other.

Conference season is almost here and we in the squad are excited to see you as we traverse the region! Feel free to come say hi while we're there! You can also email us at

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad