Good evening everyone! Welcome to #MembershipMonday!

Conference season is upon us! Over the next 4 weeks, brothers will converge all over the region as we attend workshops, see friends we don't get to see, and conduct the business of our respective sections. It's a long-standing tradition we honor every spring.

Traditions are something we have in APO from singing the toast song at the end of every banquet to ringing in the new year at National Convention in the fellowship circle. But they also can vary from region to region, section to section, and even chapter by chapter. They are things distinctive to those areas and brothers.

Some examples of these traditions include:

chapter mascots

dressing to theme for conference

hosting or participating in a specific event every semester

family line nicknames

and so much more.

The beauty of these traditions is that they have the potential to grow and/or evolve over the years. When developing your own traditions, make sure they're respectful yet fun. If it's an event you wish to host or participate in, honor the commitments required of doing so. And when visiting other chapters/sections/regions, take a moment to learn more about what they do that's different from what you're used to. You'd be surprised to see how varied and wonderful our fraternity is in this way!

What are some of the traditions in your chapter or section? Comment below and share what makes you unique!

And with that, all we have to say is be excellent to each other.

Members of the squad will be in attendance at each of the sectional conferences this semester, starting with the Section 97 Conference this Saturday. Feel free to come say hi, and bring your membership questions! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Have a great week!

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad