Good evening brothers!

It's another installment of #MembershipMonday!

We're a little bit more than halfway through the semester. Your pledges/new members are freshly crossed or close to it. Your brothers are working hard to make the chapter shine on and off campus. But since the latter half of the semester is here, it's time to consider doing a check in with each other.

"But squad," you ask, "what do you mean by a 'check in?'" What we mean is that it's a good idea to evaluate how your semester's been so far and possibly revise what to do next. Yes, you do this every year (or in some chapters each semester) through your CAPS. However, it's beneficial to check in ahead of the CAPS because you can identify challenges and concerns before they become a bigger issue (ex. brothers maybe having trouble keeping pace with meeting requirements, needing more events, etc.) or reflect and/or celebrate the chapter's successes. Utilize your chapter resources, including your chapter liaison and advisors, so that everyone working with and for the chapter are on the same page. It is something that can be done with your pledges/new members as well! You can also take as much time as you need, even during a regular chapter meeting. It will keep your chapter on the right course.

Conference season is about to start as well! We're looking forward to meeting you all over the next few weeks. Please feel free to chat with us while there! See you then!

OH! And don't forget to register for Membership Academy or University! The link with more info is below.

As always, you can reach us at Have a wonderful week and see you in Queens, NY for the Section 97 conference this Saturday!

Yours in LFS, the Region Membership Squad. Grin