Good evening everyone! Time for another installment of #MembershipMonday!

Conference season is underway and it was wonderful to meet some of you at the Section 97 Conference this past Saturday!

Tonight we're going to turn the floor to you, dear brothers. Call it a AUA (Ask Us Anything, similar to an AMA but we're a group) if you will. What are some of the burning membership questions you have for us? Feel like stumping us? Give us your best shot! We want to hear from you! Post your questions in the comments below or email us at

In the meantime, check out the upcoming APO IMPACT webinar on April 6th at 9pm! It's called Raising Amazing Brothers, Building Better People. Sign up at the following link!

See you in New England and New Jersey in the upcoming weeks!

Oh one more thing, Congrats Jennifer! emoticon-smile

[Admin Note: You can find the questions asked in the original post in the Region 1 Facebook group.]