Good evening everyone! It's another installment of #MembershipMonday! It also happens to be #NationalSiblingsDay! It was wonderful to see those of you who attended Conclave this past weekend.

Last week we talked about keeping drama out of conflicts that arise. Tonight is about something more positive given what today is.

What can you do as a chapter that will help boost morale and maybe, just maybe, help heal after a conflict? How can your chapter brothers know how much you appreciate everything they do?

Tell them of course! Whether it's done verbally, by passing a note during a break in chapter, or through something more structured, letting your bros know how feel about them can lift spirits during/after a tough time and bring you closer together. Something so seemingly simple can have a lasting impact. Pictured below is the end result of one such project.

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A good holiday to those of you observing Passover and/or Easter this week.

Until next time, in LFS, YOUR Region Membership Squad