Hello everyone! Welcome to this slightly delayed episode of #MembershipMonday. emoticon-smile

(Apologies for being a few days later than normal, but as was said in previous installments, the "Top 3" always take priority; yes, doing your taxes counts as self-care.)

Lovely to see the bros who were in attendance at the Section 101/102 Conference this past Saturday. It was wonderful to see and chat with you all throughout the day. Thank you Alpha Zeta Gamma chapter at TCNJ for hosting!

The semester is very quickly coming to a close. Finals are looming near. It must be time then for your yearly (or in some chapters, semesterly) CAPS.

So why would we in the Membership Squad discuss your CAPS? Simple. Having an organized plan for the year ahead is a great benefit to both recruitment and retention. How so?

Well first, look at whom should be at your CAPS. Your current executive board (not to mention any other chapter positions elected or appointed) absolutely is on this list as they are the ones who will work to achieve the goals set by the chapter, while the previous eboard members are included because they can provide perspective from serving in those roles. The non-officer/chair brothers who will be active next year are to attend as well because they also have a vested interest in where the chapter goes next. Anyone who was associate or inactive but looking to return to active status should be there for the same reasons as the current active brotherhood. Graduating seniors should attend because they have witnessed the evolution of the chapter during their tenure and can provide insight, knowledge and additional guidance to those carrying on in the chapter. Finally, your advisors should be invited to attend as well. It's important to keep them up-to-date on the things you as a chapter want to see, and they can provide an outside perspective and additional information. They can also help to facilitate discussion so that every member can participate.

CAPS is a great way to Evaluate and Revise the SMART goals you made previously, while looking ahead, laying a foundation to make the upcoming semester/year even better. CAPS allows for an in-depth, honest look at the things that went well or not so well. It allows for critical thinking of how each position, not to mention the chapter as a whole, can grow and improve. Make sure to bring all the pertinent information you will need, including, but not limited to: the previous year's calendar, a clean copy of next year's calendar, any project evaluation forms, any other feedback forms, a list of things you want to see/do, and snacks.

CAPS helps retention because it provides an opportunity for every brother to voice their opinions and become stakeholders in the chapter's well-being. Everyone does their part to help build what the chapter will be in the coming year. CAPS helps recruitment because a well-organized chapter is a properly functioning chapter. Mapping out what recruitment will look like provides less stress, and a detailed plan of which events will be held, when they will be, and where. Knowing all of that ahead of time can allow for better planning and budgeting. It also provides more time to get the word out about how awesome your chapter is to the general student body.

For more information on CAPS, ask your local Leadership Development Coordinator and/or look to the CAPS handbook found in Officer Portal. For more information on all things membership, you can always contact us at membership@apor1.org.

We only have a few more Mondays to go before the end of the semester. If there is anything else you want to see us cover before the end of the semester, please contact us asap.

Thank you brothers and until next week, be excellent to yourselves and each other!

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad