Good evening everyone! Welcome to another edition of #MembershipMonday!

Great to see those of you who attended the Section 101/102 Conference this past weekend. Thanks for the peeps who attended the membership-focused workshops we presented!

Tonight let's talk about retention.

Summer is coming and while some of us are crossing the stage from college to the working world, many of us will be returning to campus in just a few months. How do you stay in touch over the warmer months?

One idea is to come together if brothers are local and have a fellowship. It could be a barbecue, a day at the mall or movies, or just chill at someone's house.

You can also do service. Our hands are needed all year long. Reach out to your advisors to see if there's a charity in need or start fundraising for a cause you support normally in the fall.

If you want to keep it a little more simple, draft up and send out a newsletter. It doesn't have to be super fancy, just a little something to stay connected. You can also keep in touch over email, or newer apps like Groupme.

Next week is going to be the last #MembershipMonday for the semester. We hope you've enjoyed this series so far!

Yours in LFS, YOUR Region Membership Squad