Happy Monday Brothers! Welcome to #MembershipMonday!

Firstly, thanks to WPI for hosting a wonderful Section 94/95/96 Conclave! Those of us in attendance had a great time and it was wonderful to chat with our New England peeps while there.

As the semester winds to a close it becomes time to think about the Fall 2018 semester.

Part of that can involve how you can better organize and manage your chapter.

My first tip is, if you don’t have them already, create e-board email addresses. I recommend using Gmail for its easy integration with Google Drive. Some schools may have email addresses for different organizations therefore ensure you don’t already have one. These email addresses can help your chapter better manage what emails have been sent out by different positions. This way if you ever need to look back at an email that may have been sent by a different person in the same position it will be properly backed up and organized by the person in the position who sent it. Organize these email addresses however your chapter thinks it best and ensure you have details of how they should be managed in your bylaws.

The reason I mentioned Gmail previously is the easy access to Google Drive and all its services. Here you can back up important documents, easily send out invitations to different events through Google Calendar, and backups of chapter pictures through Google’s unlimited, free photo storage. This way you always have records of what was sent out, what has been scheduled, and precious chapter history for each generation of chapters. These accounts can also be used to back up previous events. You can back up old photos to Google photos along with new ones, scan in sign up sheets and attendance records, and add old events to calendars to know when older events happened for reference.

Lastly, I wanted to comment on the safety and security that goes into utilizing technology in your chapters. First, always ensure you have records of important information such as passwords and previous account holders offline. This can be important in case anyone gets logged out and you need to track down who can get you back into the account. Second, ensure you consult with others as to how they utilize technology in their chapters and what policies they may have in place to best ensure it is used safely and responsibly.

Lastly, ensure you properly update your university and advisors on your technological changes. They may have advice for you, as well as wanting to know about possible new contacts that will be emailing them.

How does your chapter organize its information? Comment below and share your thoughts!

Don’t forget that you can always reach us at membership@apor1.org. Several of us will be in attendance this weekend at the Section 101/102 Conference at TCNJ this Saturday. See you there!

And as always, be excellent to yourself and each other.