Torri, Section 101 Membership Coordinator

Home Chapter: Nu Psi

Fun Fact: "I have always been passionate about music. I love to sing, and I know how to play the flute, piano, and the oboe. While I didn't graduate as this, I entered college as a music education major with a primary in oboe. I found that being a music major took all the joy out of playing for me, so half way through my second semester I changed my major to my other passion in life, history. Nowadays, I have resumed my love of music but mostly through singing or playing piano a little everyday."

Favorite rush event: Trivia. "Each semester my chapter would pick a different movie or theme for our trivia night. Sometimes we would create teams, other times it was an individual affair, but it was always a fun way to get to know potential new members and have a little friendly competition with them."