Hello brothers! WELCOME BACK everyone! Here's to the first #MembershipMonday post for 2017-18!

Your Membership Squad has been hard at work all summer preparing to be of service for you this year! We're ready to roll up our sleeves and dig right in.

But what exactly do we do for you? We are a supplemental resource to your chapter liaisons and section chairs that focuses specifically on membership. We're here to help you with rush/recruitment, working with your pledges/new members, and improving retention.

Now that you know what we do, who are we?

Lil Mondaro is your Region Membership Coordinator. Dustina Hooper is your Deputy Region Membership Coordinator, and Nicholas Sciancalepore is Section 102's Membership Coordinator.

We have some new faces serving as Section Membership Coordinators this year, come meet them! Kelly Sareault is in Section 94, Andrew Deutchman (not pictured) in Section 97, and Torri Brouhard in Section 101.

Check out the photos below for some more info about the brothers who are working hard for you!

[Admin note: Each bio and its corresponding photo is located in the pages within this entry’s folder. You can find them by clicking the + sign.]

Next week we'll look at some tips on building a pledge program. In future installments, we'll talk about rush, building bonds with your pledges/new members and the brothers, and many other topics. Is there something in particular you'd love to see covered? Let us know! Send an email our way to membership@apor1.org

Until next week, be excellent to each other!

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad