Good evening everyone! Welcome to another #MembershipMonday post!

Tonight let's talk about Rush. Many of your chapters have already begun encouraging your classmates to come check out the awesome that is APO. YOUR membership squad has noticed a number of exciting, dynamic themes and events on your calendars and that's fantastic! For those of you who might not be 100% sure on how to execute rush, or are first time Rush Chairs, or even simply a bro who wants to be part of the welcoming committee (because honestly, that's what rush is, an open invitation to meet you and see what you're about!), here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind once the recruitment period begins:

DO wear letters! Least expensive advertisement there is. Wear them often, wear them proudly!

DO be enthusiastic! You want to share your good times in APO with others, share that enthusiasm!

DON'T clump together in groups during events. Spend time with as many people as you feel comfortable and take it upon yourselves to get to know your potential pledges/new members.

DO try new ideas and experiences for your Rush period. Variety is the spice of life and doing the same thing over and over again (save things you're known for on campus if anything) might not work. Keep things interesting.

DO advertise! Your fabulous events will have more people if they know about them.

DO reach out to other chapters if you need help or extra manpower.

DON'T keep your events at the same day/time. Mix up times and locations to better accommodate different schedules.

DO Have fun! This is a time for you all to share what makes your chapter special and why people should consider joining our family.

We've included just a handful of the great Rush pictures all over Facebook, Instagram, etc. below, from our region and beyond. [Admin note: You can find these pictures by clicking on the + sign to the left of this post.]

If you'd like more information or need additional tips, reach out to any one of us, we're here to help!

Good luck and we can't wait to meet your new potential members!

As always, be excellent to each other!

In LFS, YOUR region membership squad