Good evening everyone! Welcome to another #MembershipMonday!

Before we begin, YOUR membership squad has a new member! Sarah Wilamowski will be helping out in Section 96 Cool

Recruitment is in full swing, and already you're welcoming your newest members left, right and sideways. You're already working to incorporate these potential future brothers into your chapters. Awesome!

So what are you doing to bring yourselves closer together as a family in the meantime? You were apart for a few months after all!

What can you do to build your brotherhood?

Teambuilding! There are so many different activities you can do to build unity. Escape rooms are all the rage right now, they're quick, they're fun, and test the mental acumen of the team. You *must* work together to get out. There are also many different board games (seriously!) that have a cooperative objective. They require teamwork to win the game. Two well known games are Pandemic (where you work to cure diseases) and Legendary. You can also try Codenames (regular or picture). Codenames is great because you get to learn more about how your teammates think and tie together clues and the words/images on the table.

You can also always get together over snacks and a movie or have a potluck.

Another great idea or "kudos" or "snaps." Sometimes done at the end of a meeting, sometimes over the course of an entire day. They're messages, notes, and acknowledgements that show our love in the little things we do for each other every day.

We also recommend taking the APO LEADS course ACHIEVE. There are some great teambuilding skills offered in the course.

What are some of the things you do to bring your brothers closer together? Post in the comments below!

As always, be excellent to each other!

In LFS, YOUR Region 1 Membership Squad