APO LEADS is a National Program developed to assist students, alumni, and advisors as they seek to strengthen their leadership skills and techniques. Topics covered include: conflict resolution, team building, crisis management, team work, stress management, time management, communication, servant leadership, and personal and team goal setting. 

There are five components to the APO LEADS program: LAUNCH, EXPLORE, ACHIEVE, DISCOVER, and SERVE. In order to participate in any course, LAUNCH must be attended.  It serves as a prerequisite to other courses, in that it sets a common language and skill set used in all other courses.  To obtain more information about these courses please click here.

LAUNCH, EXPLORE, ACHIEVE, and DISCOVER can be offered on a chapter, sectional, or regional level.  In order to request a course for your chapter or event please click here.

Upcoming APO LEADS Course Offerings in Region I






See the National SERVE Schedule Located here.

** Note: APO LEADS Courses offered at Conferences require participants to be registered attendees to said conference. **