How to Chair a Service Project

1.     Come up with a service idea that interests you/your brothers

2.     See your Service Vice President / Coordinator (SVP) for information/ideas on chairing a project.

3.     Contact the organization you wish to serve and get information on their needs and expectations. 
Get some possible service dates. 

4.     Clear the date and time with your SVP

5.     Present your project to the chapter.  BE ENTHUSIASTIC!

6.     Send around a sign-up sheet to find out who wants to go and if they need or can provide transportation.
          For a version of the sign-up sheet in MS Word, click here.

7.     Contact the organization and tell them how many people to expect (approximately) and when.

8.     48-hours in advance, send out reminder e-mails to all who signed up.

9.     Go to the project and thank your fellow brothers for coming with you.

10.    Fill out a project evaluation form and turn it in with your service/attendance hours to your SVP.


You can easily download a copy of this list  How To Chair A Service Project by clicking on the link.