REGION 1  Resources for National Service Week 2009-2010




US EPA list of state agencies


ECO-USA Environmental Organizations by State:


US Environmental Protection Agency


US Environmental Protection Agency Region 1: New England


US Fish & Wildlife Service, Northeast Offices:


The Nature Conservancy: pick your state from the list for local information.


National Association of State Conservation Agencies:


Natural Resources Conservation Service: (part of US Dept of Agriculture) find your state on the list for local information or get information on the Earth Team Volunteer program


National Audubon Society: list of chapters by state:


National Wildlife Federation: Look at list of regional centers to find an office near you.




Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection : Environmental Protection Begins with You:|


City of Stamford Environmental Protection Board|


Connecticut Climate Change


ECO-USA Connecticut Environmental Organizations


US Fish & Wildlife Service: Connecticut Offices:


Conservation Districts of Connecticut:





Maine Environmental Education Association:


Maine Department of Environmental Protection


Maine DEP Public Participation


ECO-USA Maine Environmental Organizations:


Maine Environmental Policy Institute:


US Fish & Wildlife Service offices in Maine:





Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Public Participation & News


Environmental League of Massachusetts


The Environmental Institute at U MASS:

ECO-USA Massachusetts Environmental Organizations


Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Environmental  Organizations links:


US Fish & Wildlife Service Massachusetts Offices: or the Northeast Regional office (in Hadley, Massachusetts)





New Hampshire Department of Justice Environmental Protection Bureau


New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services – Public Information


NH DES Programs


ECO-USA New Hampshire Environmental Organizations


New Hampshire Environmental Directory:


Environment New Hampshire  & Online Action Center


US Fish & Wildlife Service, New Hampshire Offices:





New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: DEP Citizen


New Jersey Environmental Lobby: Environmental Links:


ECO-USA New Jersey Environmental Organizations


US Fish & Wildlife Service: New Jersey Field Office:


New Jersey Conservation Foundation:


Educational Programs for NY & NJ coast:






New York City Department of Environmental Protection:


New York State, Department of Environmental Conservation: Public Involvement page:


New York City, Soil and Water Conservation District:


US Fish & Wildlife Service, Long Island Field Office: or see ALL New York Offices:


The Nature Conservancy in New York City: and on Long Island:


Educational Programs for NY & NJ coast:





Rhode Island Dept of Environmental Management:


Rhode Island Bureau of Environmental Protection


Rhode Island Bureau of Natural Resources


Rhode Island Environmental Education Association:


ECO-USA Rhode Island Environmental Organizations:


US Fish & Wildlife Service: Southern New England Office (click “Our Work” link for contact information)   or see all Rhode Island Offices:




Vermont Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence & Pollution Prevention


Vermont Mercury Education & Reduction Campaign


Vermont Agency of Natural Resources


ECO-USA Vermont Environmental Organizations:


Vermont SWEEP (State-Wide Environmental Education Programs:


Vermont Natural Resources Council