How to get a state proclamation for National Service Week

What is a proclamation?

It’s an official document declaring the National Service Week (or other event) dates “as” National Service Week in your state and signed by your Governor. The text specifies the date/s of the event, has details about (APO/NSW), and any other information your state includes. It is usually printed on large, attractive paper with your state seal and sent to you in a folder of heavy stock, sometimes with your state seal embossed on it. It’s an excuse to “brag” to others about APO/NSW, something to mention in a press release/post on a website, and a way to help build enthusiasm for NSW with chapters.

Please coordinate with the local Regional Director(s)/Section Chairs to let them know you are pursuing proclamations and to make sure they are supportive of this. It’s also good to discuss a “distribution plan” for when you have the proclamations in hand. Also, someone should let the Chapters know that the proclamations are being requested.

Students: Coordinate your efforts with the other chapters in your state (even if they are in another section or region) as there will be only one proclamation granted per state.

Students & STAFF: This is a lengthy process that should be started as soon as possible. Most states take a minimum of 6 weeks to process a request.

Find out who to contact in your state’s governor’s office to get a proclamation.

-Try going to your state’s web page to get some information on who to contact in the Governor’s office.

-The format www.state.(insert state’s US Post Office abbreviation).us usually brings you to the page for your state. For example, Missouri’s is:

-The Governor’s photograph is often on the state homepage, try clicking on it/near it to link to his/her online office.

-By phone and/or email, get as much information as possible: email addresses, an assistant’s name, phone numbers, and how much time is needed to get a proclamation.

-Often, an email is a good way to determine who you should contact, and to briefly explain what/when you’ll be requesting.

1) Send your request in writing unless they ask for it electronically or via fax; sometimes they’ll suggest doing both.

-Send the cover letter from you if you live in the state you are requesting it from. You may want to create a database/merge letter if you are writing to several states.

-If you do not live in the state you are requesting the proclamation from, coordinate with a Brother who lives in the state. Most government offices will be more cooperative with someone who is a resident/constituent so write/send the letter from that “in state” person—make sure to send the “sender” a copy of the letter, too.

-You may want to enlist your local legislators’ support—they can be helpful in making sure things move along.

-Request enough copies for each Chapter in the state to have their own original/official copy of the proclamation; and one extra for the national office. They usually only do one copy, you may need to explain why you need more.

-**Give them a date that you want the proclamations by. If you don’t do this, your request may be put in “the pile” for November. You want your proclamations several weeks prior to NSW so you can distribute them and chapters can use them to garner publicity.**

-Attach suggested wording for the proclamation; offer to email this in, too to make it easier for them.

-Tell them you’ll be calling in a week or two to make sure things are underway and then do so.

-You may need to keep calling/emailing to make sure your request is being processed promptly and accurately—this is the toughest part of the process.

Remember that they receive lots of requests so be patient, be prepared to email/fax in another copy of your request when you’re on the phone in case your request is not right at hand. Don’t call first thing in the morning or at 4:59PM. Be patient, persistent, and polite—remember, you’re representing the Fraternity J

Students: Make sure that you have the contact information for each chapter so you can send the proclamations to them when the proclamations are received.

2) Receive the proclamations in the mail (or pick them up) and smile—you’re on your way!

-Double check them for accuracy and contact the other alumni volunteers in your area to distribute the proclamations to chapters.

-If you only end up with one official copy, request more official copies but be prepared to make nice color copies of the original to bring to the Chapters.

-You may want to coordinate “Chapter visits” to present the proclamation and build enthusiasm for NSW.

- Students & STAFF: Your section chair may be able to help in distribution so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Please make a photocopy for the regional service coordinator (this can be a plain black and white copy).

-If you mail them out, make sure to send a letter explaining what the proclamation is and how it can be used.

-Send each chapter a scanned file and/or “letter size” photocopy of the proclamation, too, to encourage them to include a copy of it with the press releases they send out.

-Let the governor’s office know that you received the proclamations and thank them for their help—that will help next year and reinforces how wonderful APO is.

That’s It— Thank YOU!