How To Improve Your

Service Program

The statements below are suggestions, please note that not all suggestions are appropriate for every chapter.

Note that many of the possible solutions overlap. You may also need to implement several of the suggestions. You do not need to implement the suggestions in the order provided. Do what you feel will best serve your chapter

Problem 1: There aren’t many service projects offered in my chapter.

Suggestion 1: Take a survey asking what types of service your brothers would like to do.

Suggestion 2: Have the chapter set goals for Service for the semester or year (challenge yourselves to make improvements each year)

Suggestion 3: Consider service hour requirements for all brothers

Suggestion 4: Ask each Brother to Chair a Service Project

Suggestion 5: Ask staff, advisors, alumni, and friends for project ideas (be sure to invite these people to participate in the projects as well)

Problem 2: People sign-up for projects but never show-up when the project starts.

Suggestion 1: Survey your brothers to ask them why they think this problem occurs and what suggestions they have to solve the problem.

Suggestion 2: Send our reminder e-mails 48 hours in advance of the project.

Suggestion 3: Make sure that you have made all the necessary transportation available.

Problem 3: Our chapter offers many service projects but we still get complaints that there is nothing good to do.

Suggestion 1: Review the service projects available. If you find similarities between many of the projects. Increase the variety of project types, times, costs, etc.

                    What to look for:

Is the necessary work similar in all (or most) of them (for example they are mostly manning a table or are mostly indoor activities, or are mostly working with children).

Are they mostly taking place around the same time (such as being on the weekends or mostly in the evenings).

Do they all require travel or expense?

                    Remember that each brother is an individual with their own likes and dislikes and their own schedules and needs.

Suggestion 2: Survey the brothers for new project ideas.

Suggestion 3: Speak personally to the brothers who seem to be alienated (or are alienating themselves); ask them what they would like to see.

Suggestion 4: Ask the brothers who seem discontented if they would like to chair or co-chair a service project.

Problem 4: Brothers are complaining that too much is expected of them.

Suggestion 1: Speak personally with the brothers who seem to have the greatest difficulty and show that you respect their outside time commitments. Ask what time of the day or week is best for them.

Suggestion 2: Survey your brothers to ask how much time they feel is reasonable to spend at a given service project.

Suggestion 3: Lower or remove service requirements

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