Volunteering and Volunteer Staff Development

Ever wonder what the Regional Volunteer Staff does or who they are?  Well, it's all right here on the Internal Volunteering and Volunteer Staff Development Page!

Volunteer Roles and Descriptions

If you're interested in what the various members of the Volunteer Staff do in their roles or If you're an alumnus who is interested in potentially serving on Volunteer Staff at any level, please look at the Volunteer Opportunities In Alpha Phi Omega guide. This document describes the various volunteer roles and their responsibilities and time commitments. 

You can see who is serving in these roles at a Regional level by going to the Staff section of this website.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering after reviewing the Volunteer Opportunities guide, then please download this short volunteer interest form and complete it.  Then email it to the Region Chair.  Once you have submitted this form, you will be contacted shortly about available volunteer opportunities.

National Volunteer Training

Alpha Phi Omega is committed to providing our volunteers the tools and resources they need to work effectively with the students. 

The National Fraternity, through the Volunteer Development Committee plans and organizes a four day training weekend called the National Volunteer Conference. This volunteer staff only conference offers a variety of skills-based seminar tracks and small group discussions and also provides the opportunity for volunteer staff to meet, share ideas, and develop friendships with their counterparts.

Local Volunteer Training

Volunteer training also happens on a regional level.  Region I has it's own volunteer staff training and retreat weekend called "Thingamijig" during the summer (usually the last weekend in August).  This training is open to ALL volunteers in Region I from chapter advisors to section staff to regional staff.  During the weekend we discuss what is happening with our national programs and how to implement them in the region, how to work effectively with the students and the opportunity for volunteer staff in the region to meet, share ideas, and develop friendships with each other.