Fraternity Crest

A JPEG file of the Fraternity Crest.
crest-0025.jpg (25x33 pixels, 770 bytes)
crest-0050.jpg (50x66 pixels, 1486 bytes)
crest-0100.jpg (100x131 pixels, 7 Kb)
crest-0150.jpg (150x197 pixels, 13 Kb)
crest-0200.jpg (200x262 pixels, 23 Kb)
crest-0250.jpg (250x328 pixels, 34 Kb)
crest-0500.jpg (500x655 pixels, 100 Kb)
crest-1125.jpg (1125x1473 pixels, 312 Kb)
A Transparent GIF file of the Fraternity Crest.
crest-0025.gif (25x33 pixels, 586 bytes)
crest-0050.gif (50x66 pixels, 1190 bytes)
crest-0100.gif (100x131 pixels, 5 Kb)
crest-0150.gif (150x197 pixels, 10 Kb)
crest-0200.gif (200x262 pixels, 20 Kb)
crest-0250.gif (250x328 pixels, 35 Kb)
crest-0500.gif (500x655 pixels, 119 Kb)
crest-1125.gif (1125x1473 pixels, 466 Kb)
crest.psd (Adobe Photoshop file, 5.0 Mb)
This file has a few layers in it that are attempts to clean up the crest. This was made from the crest-1125.jpg file (courtesy Epsilon Zeta chapter).

crest.eps (Adobe EPS file, 6.6 Mb) Same as above, in EPS format.

bluecrest.gif (GIF file, 5 Kb)
Probably scanned from a ritual book.