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Role of the Sponsor

The Sponsor is the the key person from the Fraternity working with the students through out the process of becoming a chapter. The Sponsor is part teacher, part advisor, part mentor and will guide the students through the steps of the process, answer their questions, and bring in other Fraternity staff members to help with any specific needs the group has that go beyond what the Sponsor can do on his or her own.

  • More than an Advisor, less than an Active
    • Staff involvement critical to the success of extension efforts
  • Facilitate the process every step of the way, but don’t actually do things for the students
  • Teach the group about the fraternity
    • The Education piece is critical. Just like it is in a pledge program.
    • Can not assume prior knowledge of any aspect of APO

      • Extension efforts come to us with different levels of knowledge about the fraternity. Initial contact could be a transfer brother, friend of a brother, or someone who just read about APO on the net.
      • Most people who contact us about starting a chapter have learned about APO from the net and have had no prior contact with the fraternity.
    • Teaching includes everything about APO: the things in the pledge manual, that we have conferences and why they should want to go, why female members are called brother, what a project chair does, etc.
    • Helps if the Sponsor has had exposure to how multiple chapters do things so the Sponsor can offer a range of examples.
  • Let the group find its path, don’t recreate the sponsor’s home chapter or the big brother chapter

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact the Region I Extension Team via email at and we will instruct you on how to become start the process.

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