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Prospective Group Overview

This is the initial stage of this process. At this point, Alpha Phi Omega and its core values and ideals are something you are exploring. Starting a chapter is not a decision that you should undertake lightly, and we expect that you and your fellow students are going to think it through thoroughly before you decide that you want to pursue creating a chapter. While you are considering whether or not the fraternity is a fit for you and your campus, you are considered a Prospective Group. If your group decides to move forward and start a chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, there are certain steps you must complete to become recognized as an Interest Group, the next step. Interest Group status is the first formal recognition of your group’s intent to become a part of Alpha Phi Omega. The requirements that you need to meet to achieve this recognition are listed below. The process to become an Interest Group is administrative and observational, meaning there are steps that require the completion of paperwork and steps that require your participation and observation.


Checklist of Requirements to Become an Interest Group

  • The fraternity must be contacted by a student or a faculty or staff member at the campus who expresses interest in starting a chapter; or, on behalf of the Fraternity, a regional director and the Membership and Extension Director agree to target a campus.
  • Written permission from an appropriate school official to conduct an extension effort on the campus must be received by the appropriate Fraternity official as designated by either the Executive Director or the Membership and Extension Director.
  • Before an extension effort may proceed, the Fraternity’s written permission must be received.
  • A Fraternity orientation must be completed with interested students, faculty and staff members by a designated fraternity official.
  • An extension process orientation must be completed with interested students and faculty/staff members by a designated fraternity official.
  • There must be students on the campus who have confirmed that they want to move forward with the process of creating an Alpha Phi Omega Chapter.
  • All members, students and advisors, of the group must sign an Affirmation of Compliance with the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy and Membership Policies.
  • Form DE-1, Authorization to Conduct Activities on Campus Form must be submitted to the designated fraternity official if it has not yet been submitted.
  • The Requirements for Achieving Interest Group Status form must be completed and approved by the designated fraternity official

Documents & Forms

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