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Extension in Region I
From the Desks of Andrew Braverman, Autumn Paro, and Michael Keane…
There is a lot of interest out there in bringing APO to campuses that don’t currently have active chapters. So far this fall, we have been contacted by students on five new campuses. What can you to do help?

First, tell your friends about how great Alpha Phi Omega is. The more people who know about Alpha Phi Omega, be they high school students, college students, university officials or people out in the community, the more support there will be for students who wish to bring the Fraternity to their campuses.

If you know students at any of the campuses on the current extension list, tell them about Alpha Phi Omega. Encourage them to contact me. I will put them in touch with those who are already working to bring APO to that campus.

If you know students who are interested in forming an chapter at a school not on the current extension list, have them check out the information on the national web site (
http://www.apo.org/startachapter). If they have questions, I would be happy to answer them. If they are ready to jump in and start the process, they should complete form on the web site (http://www.apo.org/startachapter/startachapterform).

If you are an alumnus and are interested in working with an extension group, attend a Extension Sponsor Training workshop at a sectional conference near you or on the web when it is given as a webinar (check the APO Impact calendar (
http://www.apo.org/leadershipdevelopment/apoimpact) for a schedule of webinars. The Sponsor is the lead volunteer working with an extension group. Attending training is no guarantee that there will be extension group near you to work with, but if you go through the training and an extension effort starts up near you, you will be in a better position to assist.

And finally, if you hear about an extension effort on a campus that is not on list, let me know. Perhaps it is simply so new that we haven’t updated the list yet, or it may be a group of students who don’t understand our process and  who haven’t contacted the Fraternity yet.

I can be reached by email at

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