The Legend of Region the First

by mrn, Region I Director

Paid heed, oh brothers, and travelers from afar. New ones of the brotherhood, and old wise ones, as well. Hear all ye present, of the Kingdom of Alpha Phi Omega, and listen well, to the Legend of Region the First.

In the year of the calendar 1925, the Kingdom of Alpha Phi Omega was formed. It then spread across the land, gaining in strength and numbers. Leadership –friendshipservice was our motto, as it continues to this day. Chapters gathered in sections and grew more numerous and it was good.

But by the 42nd year of the Fraternity, in the year of the calendar 1967, back in the Age of Paper, Mimeo machines and Rotary Phones, the Brotherhood gathered at the one and only “ConCon” in the realm of Oklahoma and decreed that sections had become so numerous and unwieldy that 10 unifications be formed. “Regions” they would be called, gathering together Sections of Chapters of Brothers, for the promotion of communication and good fellowship. And these Regions would cover the entire expanse of the Nation, leaving no place alone.

And from the farthest northeast corner of the nation, where the sun’s light first touches land, across mountain and hills and valley, and fertile farmland and rivers, lakes and harbors, stretched the land called New England. And this was called Section 95.

Then there lay to the south west, the Realm of the Garden, possessing many roads and many more exits, and it was called Section 99.

Now separating Sections 95 and 99 lay the huge Realm of the Empire. Though monstrous in its entirety, just a small span of land separates the two sections, so they reached out and claimed the Boroughs of the Big Apple, a wondrous prize, and this place they called Section 97.

And the Isle of Enchantment, a warm land far south, a land thought lost to the Kingdom, would be found to bear fruit. And this was called Section 98.

And so it came to be that Section 99 and 98 and 97 and 95, all their lands and roads and colleges and universities were gathered together and called Region the First. And it was good.

And Region the First prospered, and grew in wisdom and numbers, and the leadership and fellowship and service of actives and alumni increased. Yea, a chapter was founded even in the last lacking state in the nation – the Realm of the Green Mountain, and there was much rejoicing. So bountiful was the growth by the year of the calendar 1992, that Section 95 did deign to split into two, not to divide but to multiply. And so the Realms of the Pine Tree, and Granite, and Green Mountain called themselves Section 94, while the lands to their south, the realms of the Bay, and the Ocean, and the Nutmeg did gather into Section 96. Divided yet united they stand to this day; Section 95 being retired in peace and honor.

And similarly in peace was Section 98 sent to Region the Fourth, abiding more happily with the realms of the southeast.

And wondrous multitudes came to Region the First at the time of the winter solstice, first in the year of the calendar 1992 and again in 2008 – thousands of the Brotherhood did come to learn and serve and feast and celebrate.

And not long thereafter the burgeoning growth in the Realm of the Garden, and Section 99 did also separate into two, and broke into the hallowed ground of the 100’s, counties of the North Gardens being Section 101, and those of the Central and South being Section 102. As did their brethren to the north, divided yet united they stand to this day; Section 99 being retired in peace and honor.

And also in this era, after many many years of numbering but three, the spirit of the Realm of the Big Apple rose up, and their numbers did double, with the promise of more to come. And there was much rejoicing.

And lo, there is now life in the Realm of the Ocean, it being our last realm lacking in our presence. And there is much rejoicing.

Now comes the season of the 90th year of the Fraternity, and the centennial year is on the horizon. What of the future Region the First?

Though smallest in land, we are rich in brotherhood. Region the First leads the nation in sponsoring new chapters to provide more service on more campuses than any other collegiate service organization.

Tales of service and friendship stream through the portals of Facebook, and cryptic Leadership meetings – SLEDs, and TAMJ and SAC abound.

Gallant young alums, seeking to carry forth a renewed spirit of brotherhood, have founded a BOLD new initiative. And calling out to the old wise ones, thought forgotten, the new ARTS initiative harkens them back to serve once more. Region Teams strive to build more alumni leaders, with ever higher goals. Both may prove to be models for the nation, as befitting our name, Region the First.