Omicron Iota

School Worcester Polytechnic Instiute
Location Worcester, Massachusetts

Chapter Email
Chapter Website
Chapter Address Alpha Phi Omega, Omicron Iota Chapter
c/o SAO, 100 Institute Rd.
Worcester, MA 01609
Chapter Phone (508) 831- 5803

Directions From the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) in either direction: Get off the Turnpike at exit 10 for I-290 (Auburn). Follow the signs for I-290 and get on I-290 East (only way you can go). Follow I-290 East until you get into the City of Worcester (about 4-5 miles). Take Exit 17 off I-290 East onto Route 9 (you will see signs for Framingham and other cities). At the top of the ramp take a left and you will be on route 9 west.You will come up to a traffic light soon afterwards. Worcester Police Headquarters will be on your left, The courthouse in front and on the left, and the Worcester Auditorium will be in front and on the right. Go straight through the light. You will now be going up a hill and coming up to a set of lights. Go straight through all the lights (3). Afer the hill you will notice a group of shops and resteraunts on your left. You will pass a friendlies and a Honey farms convience store on your left. This is your que that your close. At the next light take a right onto west street. Go up to the 4 way stop, stop, look in all directions, be polite and give people the right of way, then go straight. You will be going up a rather steep hill, on your left will be Alden Hall (looks like a church) and you will go under a pedestrian bridge. At the top of the hill take a left and you will be in the Quad.