Dean Arno Nowotny National Service Award


A plaque presented at National Conventions to the Chapter judged to have the best overall

Service program based on the two-year time period between conventions. 

Selection is made by the Service Reference Committee, in session at the National

Convention from among chapters submitting materials for



¯          The chapter has conducted a least on project in each of the four areas of service.

o       Service to the Campus - to the student body and faculty

o       Service to the Community - to the community as a whole and to the youth of the community

o       Service to the members of the Fraternity

o       Service to the Nation as Participating Citizens

Examples of each type of service can be found in your pledge manual

¯          The chapter has participated in National Service Week and has reported their project to the National Office.

¯          The Chapter has conducted at least one additional project related to the National Program of Emphasis

¯          The Percentage of Active Participation in the Chapter's Service program is considered in the selection.

¯          Fill out the award application which can be found at 



Youth Service Grant


The Youth Service Grant provides awarded chapters with $100 to $500 for funding a youth-oriented project.  To qualify, fill out the application and send it to the national office before the deadline.  Be sure to provide a project budget. If your chapter receives the grant, the money must be used for the project stated and the chapter must report back on the project.

information & requirements, instructions,  application



John Mack Scholarship/Grant


This is a one-time award of $500

for an individual who is a current enrollee and member of Alpha Phi Omega. 

Qualifications include Significant participation and leadership in extracurricular activities benefitting individuals in need and/or charitible or humanitarian organizations.
For information, requirements and the application, go to and look in the AWARDS section.



MR Disborough Service To Scouting Award


Awarded to recognize those chapters with exceptional Service to Scouting as an integral

part of their overall service program.  Selection is made by the Scouting Reference Committee, or other appropriate Reference Committee in session at the National Convention from among chapters submitting materials for consideration.




* Requires service to be prformed  by a chapter for Scouting.
* Service Should have a lasting effect
* Service performed may be through a continuing program or through a single outstanding project.
* Service performed by the chapter must incur direct involvement with youth registered in any division of the scouting movement.
*The number of youth served by the chapter's program or project will be considered.
* The number of active members of a chapter involved with the program or project will be considered
* Fill out the award application which can be found at



Herbert G. Horton Service to Youth Award


 Presented annually at Regional Conferences or at the National Convention by a member of the National Scouting and Youth Services Committee. Recognition of previous and recent recipients of this award should be made at subsequent Alpha Phi Omega Section Conferences, Regional Conferences, and National Conventions. In addition, a presentation may be made at a BSA local council or district function, such as an awards dinner or an annual meeting.


As the list of criteria is very long, please go to for information and to get the nomination and candidacy form.



Presidential Service Award   (USA/Federal)


This award can be earned every year by any volunteer.  There are four levels of awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the Call to Service Lifetime of Service Award) the more hours of service you do, the more advanced your award.  Depending on which award package is earned, award recipients can receive:

¯         An official President’s Volunteer Service Award lapel pin

¯         A personalized certificate of achievement

¯         A congratulatory letter from the President of the United States

¯         A letter from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation


There is an ONLINE service record you can use to track your hours


information & requirements, FAQs



Congressional Service Award   (USA/Federal)

The program is open to all 14- to 23-year-olds. There are four levels of awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Winners at each level get a medal and corresponding certificate. Each level involves setting goals in four program areas;

¯       Volunteer Public Service,

¯       Personal Development,

¯       Physical Fitness, and

¯       Expedition/Exploration.


requirements, information and registration



Distinguished Service Keys  (DSK)


Chapter Distinguished Service Key:

This is the highest honor your chapter can bestow.  This award should be given to a brother (an Active or Alumnus/a) who has provided exceptional service to your chapter. The key can be purchased from the national office.


Sectional & Regional Distinguished Service Keys:

These are the highest honors which can be given by your Section or Region respectively to a brother who has provided exceptional service on that level.   To nominate someone for such an award, tell a member of your sectional or regional staff and they will arrange for official nominating and voting procedures at an appropriate business meeting where the students will vote to grant the award or not.


For a DSK notification form, go to and look in the AWARDS section.